Busting Myths
About Today’s Teenagers

Busting Myths about Today's Teenagers Webinar

In this online workshop, I debunk the three most common myths about today’s teenagers. I will also offer practical tips for engaging even the most resistant teenagers.

By the end, you will:

  • Know what teens really want and need  from adults (not what you may think!)
  • Practical, proven tools for dealing with the most resistant teenagers.
  • Simple strategies to  communicate better with your teenager.

Helping Teens
Who Cut

Helping Teens Who Cut Themselves

1 out of every 4 teenagers cuts, carves or burns themselves.

Many wonder “Why would someone do that? Especially a young person?”

Because self injury, hurting oneself in order to feel better, is so counterintuitive, it is difficult to understand.

And people fear what they don’t understand.

And people avoid that which they fear.

Which leaves many teenagers hurting, desperately wanting help, but not getting it.

After watching this online workshop you will:

  • Know exactly what self injury is and what it isn’t
  • Understand why teens self injure
  • Learn what happens in the brain that makes it so attractive and compulsive
  • Learn exactly what to say and not to say to teens who are cutting
  • How to approach teens you suspect may be cutting

Practical tips for how to help these teenagers