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Today’s Teenager Podcasts – Roy Petitfils helping parents with understanding teenagers and reaching them through influential communication.

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  • Today’s Teenager provides tools for parents, teachers and other caring adults to understand, reach and influence teenagers.
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  • Today’s Teenager podcast is a free tool for parents, teachers and other caring adults to understand, reach and influence teenagers.  Licensed counselor, Roy Petitfils, and his guests dive into the hard topics of child rearing like communication, bullying, depression and suicide,  emotions, perfectionism, sexting, coping, cutting, accompanying LGBTQ teens and more.  Raising teens is hard enough with the society changes brought on by fads, entertainment, the internet and social media.  Take some of the pressure off of yourself and let Roy and his fellow experts walk you through raising an outstanding teenager.
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  • Tune in weekly to Today’s Teenager with Roy Petitfils and his roster of experts or browse the library of podcasts below to learn about the most relative and up-to-date information about raising teenagers and facing the challenges that today’s world presents.
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Roy Petitfils | Parenting Teens Speaker

Hosted by Roy Petitfils, M.A. LPC

Roy Petitfils is an internationally recognized expert in understanding and raising teenagers. While he resides in Lafayette, Louisiana where he works as a therapist at Pax Renewal Center, he is an internationally sought after speaker who uses humor, passion, clinical and life experience to help adults connect with teens and teens to know, understand and love themselves. Roy holds a Masters in Mental Health and School Counseling from the University of Louisiana, Lafayette. In addition to his counseling practice and speaking engagements, Roy is an award winning author with several accomplished books concentrating on Teenagers.

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