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Summer Is An Opportunity To Connect With Teens

Summer marks the end of what is, for most parents and teens, a grueling academic year filled with a multitude of stressors like studying, school and athletic-related activities, not to mention the busy nature of work and family life. As Roy points out in this week's episode, the [...]

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Helping Teens Integrate Their Compartmentalized Selves

  More and more parents today are saying their kid is one way at school but act a totally different way at home. Parents hear rave reviews from teachers about how kind, respectful and conscientious their teen is at school or in public, but parents are confused because [...]

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Warning Signs and Symptoms Your Teen Is Suffering From Depression or Suicidal Thoughts

Parenting a teenager can be tricky, and you'll soon learn that "typical teenage behavior" varies from day to day. Teens are under a lot of pressures at home, at school, and within their friend groups, and these growing pains can lead to a whole complicated set of emotions. It can [...]

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Importance of Talking to Your Kids About Bullying in Person and Online

We were all young once. We went through many of the same problems teenage children are going through when we were their age. Dating troubles, going through puberty, peer pressure, school anxiety and many other issues have been around for decades and will surely always be around. The problem, though, [...]

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Parents: This Is Your Teen’s Brain on Social Media

Parents often struggle to navigate the muddy waters of teenage behavior management, especially when it comes to new technology like social media. Many parents realize that social media can be dangerous for teens, but one of its most serious risks goes mostly unnoticed. Yes, social media opens teens up to [...]

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How To Help Teens Suffering From Test Anxiety

Many people think that text anxiety is a joke, an excuse dreamed up by overprotective parents, pop psychologists, or entitled teens. After all, they say, everyone gets stressed about tests at school, so what? These teens just need to toughen up. This is the harmful message the world is communicating [...]

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Summer Relationship & Teen Parenting Books + $20 iTunes Card Giveaway!

Welcome to Roy Petitfils' Summer Book Giveaway! One lucky winner will take home two of Roy's best-selling relationship & teen parenting books plus a $20 iTunes gift card Roy Petitfils' Relationship & Teen Parenting Books in this Contest For two decades, Roy Petitfils has been a licensed counselor specializing in [...]

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Are Parents To Blame for Rising Anxiety and Depression in Teens?

In the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, children, teenagers, and even twenty-somethings are beset by record rates of anxiety and depression. And finally, after decades (if not centuries) of keeping mental illness behind closed doors, adults are finally talking about these issues openly. And now, many parents are [...]

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