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Roy Petitfils is a licensed counselor, award-winning author, speaker and internationally recognized expert in understanding and raising teenagers. You can find him giving TedTalks about communication with teens and on his podcast Today's Teenager.

Getting Teens To Do What They Don’t Want To Do

In this episode, Roy responds to a question from a parent: "How do I get my teen to do what they don't want to do?" Roy explores the various factors involved in both the parent(s)' asking of the question and the teenager's refusal to do something the parent [...]

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Dealing With Teen Drama

Even those who don't work with teens are familiar with the term "teen drama." Despite the stereotypes and caricatures associated with the term, teens experience emotional and mental stressors that are more intense given their age and state in life. Roy explains the causes and signs of these [...]

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Talking Tech Addiction with Marissa Verson Harrison

Roy welcomes Marissa Verson Harrison to discuss the realities of tech addiction, especially prevalent among today's young people. Marissa has developed ScreenAge Bootcamp, a program designed to help parents guide children in learning to use technology as a means of enhancing their lives instead of being dominated by [...]

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Dr. Lisa Damour And Anxiety In Teen Girls

In this special episode of Today's Teenager, Roy discusses the effects of the rising anxiety epidemic on teen girls with Dr. Lisa Damour, PhD. Dr. Damour is a clinical psychologist, regular writer for The New York Times and contributor to CBS News. She has witnessed the rising tide of [...]

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How To Stop Being A Perfect Parent

In this episode, Roy addresses how anxiety and fear manifest themselves in a parent's desire to be 'the perfect parent.' Roy illustrates how damaging this can be to both parents and young people alike and offers strategies to cope with the anxiety and worry that leads to perfectionism.  [...]

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How To Stop Nagging Your Teen

In this micro episode, Roy offers strategies for approaching the young people in your life about responsibilities and expectations in ways that will not feel like nagging to them.  Roy has established Today's Teenager as a non-profit organization dedicated to covering the expenses of therapy sessions and other [...]

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Raising Adult Children with Jan Risher

In this episode, Roy talks with Jan Risher about the challenges and joys of parenting adult children. Jan is an award - winning journalist, investigative reporter, and former managing editor of The Times of Acadiana. Roy and Jan also discuss Jan's new book, Looking to the Stars from Old [...]

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Small Talk For Teens with Debra Fine

In this episode, Roy discusses the importance of learning conversational skills with Debra Fine. A nationally recognized keynote speaker, bestselling author and conversation expert, and author of The Fine Art of Small Talk: How to Start A Conversation, Keep it Going, Build Rapport – And Leave a Positive Impression. [...]

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Tips For Becoming More Approachable To Teens

In this episode, Roy talks about how adults can be more approachable to the teens and young people in their lives. Roy acknowledges that some people are naturally approachable in general but believes that approachability is a skill set that can be learned. Roy offers seven tips for [...]

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Sexual Abuse And Assault Of Teens With Laurie Degatto-Whitten

Roy discusses sexual abuse and assault of teens with Laurie Delgatto-Whitten. For close to thirty years, Laurie has served in the field of youth ministry. She has been involved in various local, regional, and national youth ministry training programs and conferences.  She has a longstanding interest in the [...]

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