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Roy Petitfils is a licensed counselor, award-winning author, speaker and internationally recognized expert in understanding and raising teenagers. You can find him giving TedTalks about communication with teens and on his podcast Today's Teenager.

13 Reasons Why Season 2

In this episode, Roy addresses the second season of the controversial Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why. Roy begins by detailing the plot of the first and second seasons and then explores the positive and negative elements of the series. Roy offers strategies and talking points for adults who [...]

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How Much Screen Time Is Too Much?

In this episode, Roy addresses one the questions he's most frequently asked by parents: how do you know how much screen time is enough for kids and how do you know when they're spending too much time on their devices? Roy believes that while there are no exact [...]

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Explaining Vs. Excusing Behavior

In this episode, Roy discusses the difference between letting teens know that we understand their reasons (or lack thereof) for explaining their behavior and giving them a pass for their behavior, thereby excusing it. Roy suggests that as caring adults, we do teens no favors by excusing their [...]

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Advanced Communications Tips For Talking With Teens

It's common for teens to say things to us or about us that provoke strong emotions in us. In this episode, Roy offers strategies to avoid inflicting your emotional reaction on your teen while also acknowledging the incident instead of pretending it didn't happen. Among the strategies Roy [...]

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Interview with John Hodges Davis

In this episode, Roy interviews young adult, John Hodges Davis. John shares his journey as a child and a teen pursuing a golf scholarship and a professional golf career. In his Junior year, John and his family discovered that he was born with hip dysplaysia, ultimately leading to [...]

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Talking Challenges And Opportunities For Hispanic Youth with Dr. Hosffman Opino

In this episode, Roy discusses the challenges and opportunities experienced by Hispanic youth today with Dr. Hosffman Opino. Dr. Opino was born in Colombia where he pursued undergraduate studies in Philosophy. He taught philosophy and religion at various academic levels and worked for the National Confederation of Catholic Education [...]

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Getting Things Done For Teens with Mike Williams

In this episode, Roy talks with Mike Williams, co - writer of "Getting Things Done For Teens," based on the original book written by David Allen. The purpose of the book, from its back cover:  "Very little time, focus, or education is being spent teaching and coaching this [...]

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The Importance of Allowing Teens to Fail with Jessica Lahey

  In this episode, Roy talks with New York Times best-selling author, Jessica Lahey. Roy and Jessica discuss her groundbreaking and controversial book, The Gift of Failure: How The Best Parents Learn To Let Go So Their Children Can Succeed. Jessica's experience as an educator led her to [...]

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Talking with Teens about the Sexual Abuse Scandals in the Catholic Church

Like you, I’ve been appalled, shocked, dismayed, disillusioned and a whole host of other emotions I have yet to identify due to the recent and past scandals in the Church. Many adults are asking “How do I talk to young people about all of this?” Whether you’re a parent, educator, [...]

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