To The Bone – A Discussion about Eating Disorders

//To The Bone – A Discussion about Eating Disorders

To The Bone – A Discussion about Eating Disorders

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Netflix recently released the movie To The Bone, which has gained both popularity and notoriety for its treatment of eating disorders. In this episode of the podcast I offer a synopsis, before addressing its positive qualities, like accurately portraying that eating disorders are not about food, the role family plays in the life of someone with an eating disorder, and the lethal nature of untreated eating disorders.

Next, I address a few concerns, especially its potential to be highly triggering for someone struggling with an eating disorder. To The Bone risks reinforces the stereotype that only girls or women suffer from eating disorders and that anorexia is now the “face” of eating disorders in the media despite not being fully understood and at the expense of realizing the full spectrum of eating disorders.

For more information on Eating Disorders and how to help yourself or someone you know, check out The Butterfly Foundation.

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