In this episode, Roy discusses the challenges and opportunities experienced by Hispanic youth today with Dr. Hosffman Opino. Dr. Opino was born in Colombia where he pursued undergraduate studies in Philosophy. He taught philosophy and religion at various academic levels and worked for the National Confederation of Catholic Education of Colombia. He currently holds an M.A. in theology with concentration in Church History and a Ph.D. in Theology and Education from Boston College.

“In an attempt to promote collaboration, I suggested that Dr. Ospino reach out to Lifeteen. In my ignorance, I said, “Clearly hispanic ministry is a blindspot” for Lifeteen.  I’ve since learned that this is not, nor has it been a “blindspot” for Lifeteen, who has for years, intentionally worked to empower communities of faith to build, implement and sustain vibrant Catholic youth ministry that invites Hispanic/Latino teens to encounter Christ. My apologies go out to the entire Lifeteen organization who works tirelessly for the minds, hearts and souls of young people.”

Roy has established Today’s Teenager as a non-profit organization dedicated to covering the expenses of therapy sessions and other mental health services for teens and families that would otherwise be unable to afford them. Visit todaysteenager dot com for more information.

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