Summer marks the end of what is, for most parents and teens, a grueling academic year filled with a multitude of stressors like studying, school and athletic-related activities, not to mention the busy nature of work and family life. As Roy points out in this week’s episode, the temptation to simply leave a teen alone at the end of the school year is very real, offering a seeming break for both teens and parents.  While a brief respite is understandable, Roy encourages parents to use the summer break to create opportunities for meaningful connection with teens. Roy suggests that parents simply begin with being intentional about deeper and more meaningful connection with their teens. This includes being truly present and attentive to teenagers and both what they say and don’t say. Roy also encourages parents to listen to teens not only when asking them questions, but when they approach parents on their own. Other strategies include vulnerability and specific, meaningful affirmation regarding work ethic and integrity, not just results and successes.  Today’s Teenager podcast is produced for educational and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to nor should it be used as a replacement for professional counseling Roy has established Today’s Teenager as a non-profit organization dedicated to covering the expenses of therapy sessions and other mental health services for teens and families that would otherwise be unable to afford them. Visit todaysteenager dot com for more information. Dr. Dore and her staff embrace their orthodontic patients like family. In addition to traditional metal and ceramic braces Dr. Dore enjoys using Invisalign clear aligners, and she is an Invisalign “Preferred Provider.” Call her today for a free exam and Live Life Smiling at (337) 267-SMILE, or click here to learn more about Dr. Dore and her practice.