As Roy explains in this episode, more and more teens are having difficulty regulating their emotions. Being “emotional” and having a roller coaster of feelings is a normal part of being a teenager. Yet many teens experience this intensity at unhealthy levels and for extended lengths of time. Roy explores how teen’s inability to “cap”, regulate or de-escalate their feelings puts them at risk for more serious emotional problems such as anxiety and depression.

Roy offers strategies aimed at helping teens to better manage their emotional lives, including talking with teens when they are calm instead of during the heat of the moment, helping teens to differentiate between feelings and reality, and teaching teens self-soothing skills. These methods can help adults who work with teens guide young people through the tumultuous emotional journey that all teens experience and provide a basis for healthy emotional regulation throughout their lives.

Roy has established Today’s Teenager as a non-profit organization dedicated to covering the expenses of therapy sessions and other mental health services for teens and families that would otherwise be unable to afford them. Visit todaysteenager dot com for more information. Dr. Dore and her staff embrace their orthodontic patients like family. In addition to traditional metal and ceramic braces Dr. Dore enjoys using Invisalign clear aligners, and she is an Invisalign “Preferred Provider.” Call her today for a free exam and Live Life Smiling at (337) 267-SMILE, or click here to learn more about Dr. Dore and her practice.